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Whose God is best? Mine? Yours? A Manifesto about God and my faith—Part 2 The Catholic Kid

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About the Authors

Dennis Pappenfus

Dennis and Cathy

In 2010, in one of his life’s greatest failures, Dennis was divorced after over 35 years of marriage. In 2007 Cathy lost her husband of 33 years to lung cancer. The stage was set for a dramatic journey of healing and new love that culminates in Two Shall Walk as One.

Dennis, amply qualified, both as a failure and a recipient of God’s abundant grace, has earned the experience to tell a tale of rescue and hope. Cathy draws from a deep spiritual well of grace, to encourage the birth of new hope for women facing the trial of being alone, after a long marriage.

Together, they share an honest, miraculous, funny, and bumpy journey, from alone to together. For any age. For any person, who feels abandoned by life, and perhaps even by God.